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Meghan assembled a team of industry-leading professionals to join her. Together, they make up a collective talent that is the Archival Ninjas. Each Ninja brings a unique specialty to the table so we can cover all the bases and meet your needs as soon as possible.


Born and raised in California, Meghan is married with two children (and two puppies). As a former ballerina, perfection runs in her veins… as do delicious burgers. As a type-7 (Enneagram Institute), you can trust her energy and Ninja-level multitasking to catalyze your Archival Production. Here’s how she became an Archival Ninja…

After over a decade working in the archival world, Meghan Geier decided to expand her horizons. Here, she went from specializing in Archival Production and rights and clearance supervision, to effectively mastering research and acquisition, fair use, budget tracking, vendor contracts and more.

That’s when she founded the Archival Ninjas. Here, she leverages her long-standing relationships with top vendors, allowing her to deliver unbeatable footage and pricing for networks and streamers around the world. Combining her seasoned experience with her impressive organizational skills and proprietary tracking systems means maximizing all-around efficiency.

Today, Meghan and the Ninjas are always ready and willing to sneak into your project, whether you’re just starting out or are near completion. Our combined knowledge and flexibility will take a load off your shoulders as if your Archival Production was set to auto pilot.

The result? Leaving Archival Production to the Ninjas so you can focus on what you do best.



Systems and Workflow Supervisor | Archival Producer

A proud Chicago native and documentary producer, Alana moonlights as a spreadsheet specialist. Since becoming a Ninja, she has helped design a formula-based tracking system that brings a sense of organizational "magic" to every project for consistent results. Beyond her passion for efficient workflows, Alana's ultimate Ninja Warrior comes out whenever she's able to combine her love for archival storytelling with her eye for creative problem-solving. Her philanthropic efforts include ending the stigma that Chicago is "windy" and preaching deep dishes' superiority over the NY slice.



Archival Director | Archival Producer

Rio de Janeiro-born, Julia was always passionate about journalism and documentaries. This brought her to New York, where she earned her MA in Media Studies at the New School and started her career in TV & Film. Over the past decade, Julia has worn many (and we mean many) hats for production departments. She now uses her dense background in journalism and production experience to exceed in her role as the Ninja Archival Supervisor.



Research Director | Archival Producer

A world traveler with as many stories as she has attributes, Jennifer has over two decades of seasoned experience in the entertainment industry under her belt. Having traveled from Los Angeles to Manchester to Johannesburg (with several stops in between), Jennifer is no stranger to stories! So being able to combine her love for storytelling with the thrill of discovering new places like museums, libraries and yet-to-be discovered nooks and crannies makes her a talented Research Specialist among the Ninjas.



Operations Director | Archival Producer

A TV and documentary producer, who has produced shows seen on NBC, MTV, A&E, Food Network and YouTube, Mandi already has a lifetime of professional experience. She also worked on the 2019 YouTube Original Documentary, Band Together with Logic, which premiered at SXSW and received a Primetime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Media. Now, Mandi demonstrates her expertise as an Archival Ninja.



Operations Manager | Associate Archival Producer

Passionate about all things filmmaking, Kaelin earned her degree in Film Production with an emphasis in Editing from California State University, Northridge. From here, she pursued post-production internship, where she worked at notable events such as  the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and 2020 Golden Globe Awards. Kaelin has worked for several films and television shows, where she met Meghan and became one of the first Archival Ninjas.



Sr. Coordinator | Archival Producer

Straight out of Toledo, Ohio, Heather has worked in film and television documentaries for nearly a decade. She earned her BA in Communication and Film Production from The University of Toledo and an MFA in Producing and Screenwriting from The Academy of Art University. She's also a FOCAL International member for archival. A passionate storyteller, activist, feminist and journalist-at-heart, Heather always strives to incorporate the truth in everything she works on. Now she does this as a Ninja Archival Producer.



Research Manager | Associate Archival Producer

Coming in with diverse production experience over a vast range of projects, from micro-budget independent films to major network documentary series, Johanna has proven to be the real deal. This, all after earning her dual degree in Marketing and Business Management from Indiana University. A musician and avid collector of rare recordings and instruments, Johanna's passion for music and history directed her towards producing and hosting the weekly radio program Hundred Proof Fountain on / 97.1 FM WXOX Louisville right from her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky for over ten years and still going strong. Using historical context to tell new stories in a modern and innovative way is one of her greatest passions and what led her to archival work.



Research Manager| Associate Archival Producer

Specializing in visual production (photo, video and creative content) over the past 15+ years, Christine has worked across digital and broadcast. She earned her degree in Journalism from California State University, Long Beach. After, she started her career at E! News before moving on to the Emmy Award winning-news show, Extra TV. Her relationships with photo agencies, photographers and producers helped her become well-versed in negotiating and budgeting rights and clearances. Now, she's a proven Ninja who assists with completing projects efficiently, while maintaining the highest level of standards.



Research Manager | Associate Archival Producer

An Emmy Award-winning filmmaker with a focus on creating impactful, story-driven content, Logan is a Ninja with over a decade of experience. Over the years, he's become proficient in all phases of production and has collaborated with industry leading streamers, directors, and international organizations. Logan is passionate about finding engaging archival material to help bring documentary productions to life and has even won a FOCAL award for his archival work! Now, Logan uses his skills as a Ninja Archival Researcher.



Research Coordinator | Archival Researcher

Brought up in South Carolina, Kyle served in the Navy as a Television & Radio Broadcaster for five years in Maryland, Japan and Afghanistan. Following his time abroad, he earned his BA in Film at California State Northridge and worked on several short films and television productions during that time. Passionate about documentary filmmaking, Kyle strives to uncover the imagery that best conveys the truth in stories as an Archival Researcher.



Operations Manager | Associate Archival Producer

An ex-professional dancer and Indie Rock band Tour Manager, Brittany always knew that movies and TV were the ultimate goal. She's also a writer, director and producer with work that's been on Good Morning America (ABC), NBC, E!, HGTV, TLC and CBS. Her features and shorts have been on screens all around the world, both via streaming, the big screen and at festivals and streaming. Her love for documentaries, especially music docs, led her to archival work, where she now assassinates spreadsheets as a Ninja Archival Researcher.



Executive Assistant | Archival Researcher

Cleveland native and theatre nerd,  Allie went straight for Conservatory training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC., eventually making her way to Boston University and The George Washington University to study International Relations and Media.  She found development to be the perfect blend of all the things and went on to serve as the Creative Executive at  FilmEngine Entertainment, where she afell in love with producing.  In 2012, she formed her own production company and has produced multiple features, web series, shorts, and recently a documentary set to premiere this year. She currently co-owns an acting studio and continues to perform, teach, write, develop and produce original content with her husband and partner.  



Analyst | Archival Production Assistant

Marc is a Los Angeles-based writer and filmmaker with a love for comedy and genre films. He's a graduate of the University of Southern California where he studied both theatre and cinema. Marc's work as a producer and filmmaker has screened all over the world including film festivals such as Slamdance, LA Shorts International, Big Sky, Raindance, and many more. His experience producing award winning short documentaries is what led him to archival work and becoming a Ninja. When he isn't on set or doing research for a project, you can catch him on the flag football field

playing QB.



Analyst | Archival Production Assistant

During her time at California State University, Audrey wrote and directed her senior thesis film 'Un Día Más Un Día Menos', where she became an HFPA fellow. She earned her degree in Film Production with an emphasis in Cinematography and would later go on to become a Los Angeles-based filmmaker. She enjoys creating and collaborating with others to bring a project to life. Through the years, Audrey has worked on several film projects and strives to help tell stories from underrepresented communities. This work continues, as a Ninja.

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